Staking its place in what is expected to be an emerging computing platform, Microsoft began its first shipments of its Hololens augmented reality headgear. It is opting for augmented reality instead of virtual reality in Oculus Rift from Facebook, it is being delivered to Application Developers.

The partly immersive augmented reality permit users to perform multiple tasks superimposed on their Normal field of View through virtual images. The Tech Giant of America showed few possibilities of Hololens at the Microsoft Build Developers Conference. It would give an inside view of the brain by medical specialists aiming to deal with cerebral tumor and a view of Mars that can only be seen through Space Vehicles.

Microsoft noted that Developers can create Holograms New Mixed Reality for enabling users for experiencing and see the things as they’re aiming to encourage new Applications. It can open doors for developers to augment tasks from complex surgery to motorcycle design by Holographic capabilities in the Microsoft Gear.

For app makers and other Microsoft partners, the developer editions will be available for $3,000. The Hololens is also used by NASA that is one of the partners of Microsoft. The Company recently said that,

Extending the Windows experience to holograms and allowing developers to begin helping build the future of holographic computing.

From Silicon Valley to Hong Kong, marketers predict that virtual headsets will soon top wish lists for kids and young adults. However, some analysts think that augmented reality would eclipse virtual reality after a little span.


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