Those who are extremely pleased with the performance of their iPhone or Galaxy devices get ready to expect something more by the early of 2017 as Samsung, one of the most famous mobile manufacturer will incorporate a new chip from ARM in their next superphone that will offer virtual ready graphics, better battery life, will help running the entire game or movie at peak speed and more. In one word, soon the Smartphone will be able to let you enjoy more intensive features and all these would be possible due to the inclusion of Cortex A-73 computing processor and Mali-G71 graphics processor from ARM.

The Cortex A-73 Computing Processor is Made to Run
The Cortex A-73 Computing Processor is Made to Run

The Cortex A-73 Computing Processor is Made to Run

ARM is the UK Company that is well known for its chip designs and most of the well-reputed companies including Apple and Samsung make uses of their design in the mobile processor. The Cortex A-73 computing processor is made to run the device at peak speed all the time where the sustained performance and peak performance are equal. Also, this chip is designed to provide 30% higher battery life and performance than its 2016 predecessor A-72.

When it comes to the Mali-G71 graphics processor, this version is designed to provide 50% higher performance and 20% better battery capacity compared to its 2016 predecessor. Not just that rather memory improvements, better ability to process rich images in higher resolution screens etc. are some of the interesting features to be enjoyed due to this ARM chip.

Samsung, Media Tek, HiSilicon are the companies who have already licensed for this graphics technology while 10 partners including Media Tek, HiSilicon and Marvell have licensed Cortex A-73 technology.

The name of Apple is not included in the list, however, they have utilized ARM’s technology earlier. This new chip will make its way into the Smartphone in early 2017.


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