New technology can do lots of new things, but that fact does not include a bend. Michigan State University research could modify that. The expert researchers have designed a stretchable integrated circuit that is made through a general inkjet printer.

The research team says that this tech can grow in creating an immensely small tablet that will have various unique features like stretching from small to large, the user will also be able to bend it to make wrist monitor to note heartbeats. It will be possible to print the circuit on wallpaper so that the wall may have an electronic screen.

Researchers expect modern technology could one day bring in stretchable smart tablets
Researchers expect modern technology could one day bring in stretchable smart tablets

Besides the stretching and bending features, another advantage of this product is that it will not cost an arm and a leg in designing like other new techs because the major part of its manufacturing is an inkjet printer, according to Chuan Wang, the lead research expert.

Wang argued,

We can conceivably make the costs of producing flexible electronics comparable to the costs of printing newspapers.

The fabric has organic compounds and nanomaterials in manufacturing that can break up in a solution to generate electronic inks that go through the printer to engineer the gadget. The use of ink means the product will have flexibility and OLED.

A quality tablet comprises millions of pixels beneath its display, hence the further point of research is to join OLED and the circuit into a single pixel. According to Wang, it may take 1-2 years to get complete.

Once they are successful in creating the combination, the thin fabric will be accessible in the market, argued by Wang.

He says,

We have created a new technology that is not yet available and we have taken it one big step beyond the flexible screens that are about to become commercially available.


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