On one hand, where technology is all favorable for our lives and convenience, there are times when technology starts becoming scary to be part of. Our lives are so much involved around technologies, from our smartphone to our laptops to our hangouts on HD television; our lives are piled up with the latest technology.

You see one latest technology in the market one day and next day, it starts running in the market. People start trying it and start getting used to it! Let’s see what some of the scariest technologies of the year are where people are not presented from being unnerved.

Technology - 1First, E-store! Well gone are those days when you had to walk into a grocery store with a list in hand. Yes, now you simply walk into the superstore and instead of seeing people as customer attendant, you hear voices. Yes, voices that prompt you to buy things. Yes, advertising has shaped up over the past few years and in some of the countries, advertising is taking the lead in technology!

A company named Holosonics developed a technology that is built on Audio System. With the help of tiny speakers and the proper sound system behind, the in-store advertising is being used in some Asian Countries.

Technology - 2DNA Hacking – one of the latest scariest invention of the decade! Human DNA was mapped somewhere back in 2003, It was then dissected to understand the root causes of life threating diseases like Alzheimer and Cancer. The innovation was at its beginning at that time.

The dream of biotechnology came true when writing DNA started solving the illness.  The healing starts when new DNA is written and that means Life was recreated when DNA was rewritten. The scary part of technology still has to come.In next few years to come, researcher of the not so distant future will make sense of how to program infections and microbes to convey uniquely crafted cures that psychologist malignant tumors or invert the tide of dementia.

In the super terrifying situation, bioterrorists build destructive superbugs that objective us at a hereditary level. In a 2012 article, The Atlantic envisioned a mechanically conceivable plan in which the leader of the United States is killed by a very infectious cool intended to focus on a frail connection in his particular hereditary code.To keep your DNA out of foe hands, it’s best not to go out without a hairnet and elastic gloves.

Technology - 3Google Glass, the cutting-edge specs with an inherent camera and fly up the show, turns the possibility of Big Brother on its head. Possibly the reconnaissance danger without bounds won’t be a rightist administration with spy cameras on each corner, yet rather a multitude of nerds recording each waking snapshot of their lives with a gesture of the head and the wink of an eye.

Is technology scary at times?

Another terrifying prospect is the blend of Glass, online networking, and facial acknowledgment innovation. Some application engineers are amped up for the possibility of a Glass application that can perceive a more interesting’s face and draw up data about the individual scoured from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages [source: Bloomberg View]. While Google rejects the possibility of facial acknowledgment on Glass, the organization has licensed eye-following innovation that would record what promotions you take a gander at in this present reality and charge expenses to publicists on a “pay-per-look” premise


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