Technology alone can’t solve business problems? Technology is redefining and altering our lives by having an incredibly big impact on lifestyle and human actions. According to Gerd Leonhard, the futurist author,

Technology is always created by humans and in turn re-defining what we can and will do.

Technology alone can’t solve business problems
Technology alone can’t solve business problems

But to talk about business, technology is not an ending; it is only a source of achieving it. It happens that letting tech solve the business issues have been expensive due to the lack of a human link.

On one hand, technology has reshaped business models and techniques; the true soul of business still lies in human connection.

Zmyslowski tells the apparent downsides and presents his view that businesses flourish when their corporate culture involve human inclusion. According to him, human face in business surrounding regardless of what tech is in use helps flawless decision-making.

To him, how your employees treat each other will affect how they treat customers. For example, if employees have made a culture too poor to solve each other’s problems during work, they will not be able to help the customer when dealing with him, especially when the product or service under question is technological.

Will that approach be unfavorable to a business?

Might be! Notice that customers can be acquired using tech, but a human-to-human link is essential to retain them.

The implication means that businesses are supposed to know where technological and human impacts start and end!

Take a notice that technology can boost the viability and visibility of the company, but it can only be done much. Neither Twitter can handle that content in its posts without human thoughts behind it nor could a self-driving vehicle have any concept without engineering mind behind its invention. Leonhard is of the opinion,

We should embrace technology but not become it because technology is not what we see, and it’s how we seek!


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