Technology is all-encompassing in the Fitness Industry. On the other hand, various people don’t believe in the involvement of technology in the industry as the workout equipment is regarded out of this. They consider the equipment “machines” that boost the quality of our activity.

Today’s fitness industry is switching from these simple and basic machines to more developed tech solutions that will improve the workout quality and boost the function of the units by altering our minds.

Technology Is Altering Today's Fitness Industry
Technology Is Altering Today’s Fitness Industry

Information from Statista indicates that the sporting machine industry reached $5.12 billion in profit the previous year and looking at the present progress, the future development and more revenue in 2017 are predictable.

The whole wellness and fitness industry is the much greater producer of profit, reaching to more than $542 billion.

There is another trend going popular nowadays – organizations are offering workplace fitness programs and techs helpful in attaining a 6% decrease in attrition on average. A few companies such as Biltmore and SAS report nearly 10 percent decrease.

Tech and Fitness Industry

Todd Musgrove, a specialist in the junction of tech and fitness, is working as the Chief Strategy Officer for Kenzai at the present. His career history tells that he has keen knowledge on fitness apps as his background throws light on app creation. Kenzai is a fitness website on the internet that slots in community and attentiveness in its home workouts.

According to Todd, technology and online media have made it possible to easily create an intersection between information and people and design more inclusive programs to let real people link, coach in the same program and get output together.

A lot of online programs, now, are making people aware of the importance of fitness and how they can maintain themselves through their online tech-based programs.


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