Unlike the past, the present era of technology is driving at grabbing our psychological inclinations to produce “technology addiction

The marketing professor and psychologist Adam Alter has submitted his opinion about the intention of tech masterminds behind the tough toil to generate technologies day by day.

Technology Addiction, Is New Tech Deliberately Designed to Addict US?
Technology Addiction, Is New Tech Deliberately Designed to Addict US?

Adam uses the word “addiction” for modern apps, games and social media’s spell over mankind. Though there is a controversy about the word “addiction” that it cannot be used for our habits like this, it is to be used only for physical reactions to something like opium, alcohol and other drugs; but Alter uses this word for modern technology’s impact on us. He is of the opinion that, in the modern age, we cannot do without games, apps and social media and that is a true kind of addiction.

Alter reminds us the invention of previous techs like email that caused addiction without intention. He calls it “accidently” happened addiction. That is because it became a source of habit among people after its purposeful design by the designers.

But today, many if not all, according to Alter, techs are produced with proper intention to cast addiction among users. Video games and social media are two live examples of these deliberately caused addictions among users. They cannot do without these habits; they are compelled to keep them in their daily routine just like an essential need to exist in the modern time.

Technology Addiction

To a great extent, Adam Alter is right in his opinion and use of the word “addiction“. Observing keenly, none can deny the fact that every sunrise brings new manifestations of technology with powerful addictive features. It indicates that the techs are deliberately being designed to instill habits and addiction among users.


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