T-Mobile has begun the rollout of the most recent major version of Android – Marshmallow, which was released in October last ago – to the HTC One M9. This makes it the third carrier, following Sprint and Verizon, to bring Marshmallow to the gadget.

The new update is landing in two sections, with an update of about 97 MB, which prepares your telephone for the upgrade and a second, bigger update, which comes in at 1.32 GB, which will upgrade your gadget to the newest version.

Exact changes that are implemented in the update are not available, however, as both T-Mobile and HTC decided not to post detailed change logs – but changes that are mentioned are the new doze mode, which plans to conserve your battery life by limiting access to network and CPU-intensive services for applications, and the ‘don’t disturb’ mode which silences your gadgets and disables vibration.

Also mentioned are application permissions, which means that applications will now request permissions when they require it (compared to when you install them); an updated version of verified boot; flex storage, which allows you to use external storage as interior storage; and Google Now on Tap.

More information about the update and the steps and prerequisites to install it can be found on the support page on the T-Mobile site.


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