T-Mobile is putting in efforts to help subscribers get themselves rid of spammers, particularly spam calls. Spamming is spreading unwanted commercial advertisement to a large number of people. It often involves sending repeated messages, in this case, calls, to a particular person.

Federal Communications Commission has, for some years now, been trying to make carrier companies to take up more effective measures against scams and spamming. It passed a rule that pressured companies to provide scam filters and anti-spamming services.

T-Mobile Reports Scam Warnings on Calls
T-Mobile Reports Scam Warnings on Calls

T-Mobile has taken up the cause and will now help shield its subscribers from any unwanted calls. If an incoming call appears to be a spam, the caller ID will display “Scam Likely”. T-Mobile will also allow users to permanently block numbers that are known for spamming. These measures will give customers a degree of defense against unwanted spams and scams.

But there is also a chance that legitimate numbers, not spammers, could also be blocked in the process. T-Mobile says that it decides whether a number is a spammer or not by comparing it to a list of spammers that spans tens of thousands of entries. It will update the list by analyzing call patterns of cell numbers.

If it detects that calls made by a certain cell number are dropped just a few seconds after being answered, then it could flag it is a spam number. All customers will be offered this service free of charge and all of them will have to enable the spam blocking feature. However, there are some differences regarding the availability of the service to all customers.

Customers on T-Mobile’s One plan will get the service starting 5th April, 2017. The service will then expand on from there. T-Mobile has indeed taken a step in the right direction and other service providers are soon to follow, such as AT&T planning a similar service to be launched in December 2017, which will help protect customers from unwanted disturbances.


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