Systweak has released a brand-new app called Social Fever for Android users. Unlike other apps, Social Fever is designed to make people less dependent on smartphone technology and spend more time in the real world. The name of the app is self-explanatory.

It will help users set goals and track time spent in the digital space, among other things. The purpose is to make people aware of their digital addiction and undo this habit to a certain extent.

Systweak launches Social Fever, A New App For Android devices
Systweak launches Social Fever, A New App For Android devices

The app has several other features such as interest fields and tracking eye and ear health so that users can engage more with their interests and monitor overall time spent using social media apps.

Major Features of The Social Fever App are as Follows

  • Set Goal: Helps limit app usage by setting timers
  • Tracking: Helps to monitor if the user exceeds the time set for using an app. It also provides a weekly usage summary
  • Warning Message: Shows warning messages if a user spends too much time on media like audio and videos.

We are pleased to announce our new and upcoming app: Social Fever. It helps you live a more healthy and productive life. With the app, you can manage time efficiently and indulge in activities you enjoy in the real world. Apps like these help in keeping a self-check and even makes you aware of your phone obsession. It’s not bad to use social apps but one should use them intelligently.

Said Mr. Shrishail Rana, CEO, Systweak Software.

We have designed Social Fever app to handle the complex matter of social app bondage. The app has a tutorial which makes the app interactive and easy to use. At each step, you get tips to use various features.

Stated Mr. Praveen Khanna, Project Manager.

With the advancement of technology, phone addiction is increasing day by day. This makes it necessary to keep a check on how much time you spend in the virtual world. Social Fever app helps you to re-discover your hidden interests and enjoy them.

The apps real-time tracking helps you make better-informed decisions about how you want to spend your time.

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