Prediction of words is being offered by almost all the keyboard app while emoji prediction is still a new concept and is not explored highly. But Swiftkey is playing a great role in doing so as it is introducing its new keyboard app called as Swiftmoji that is designed to predict the related emojis for each message you type.

This is the first app introduced by Swiftkey after it was acquired by Microsoft in February.

Swiftkey brings Swiftmoji, A Keyboard App That Predict Your Next Emoji
Swiftkey brings Swiftmoji, A Keyboard App That Predict Your Next Emoji

Swiftmoji Will Suggest You Numerous Emojis

This new keyboard app saves your time and effort required for searching the related emojis after typing any messages, sentence or phrase. Rather Swiftmoji will suggest you numerous emojis and you can choose from them if you need.

For example, once you write pizza, it will suggest you emojis of pizza or an Italian flag etc. Microsoft has made this keyboard app multi-platform so Android and iOS both the users can make use of this app to make their typing much easier.

This app works on both the platform same way but with some minor different functionality. On Android device, the suggested emoji will be presented in a row just above the stock keyboard while in iOS you are first required to tap on the globe icon after which you will have the opportunity to open Swiftmoji keyboard separately in order to have access to the predicted emojis.

Switkey introduced this emojis prediction feature in 2014 with its original keyboard app and now it is Swiftmoji to offer the same feature. However, this is not the only company to offer such interesting feature rather Apple has the plan to incorporate the same feature in its stock keyboard too while Gboard from Google allow users finding the related emojis for any specific terms.

Swiftmoji is available in App store and Google play store for free.


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