A Cybersecurity event held in Las Vegas at DEF CON proved that supercomputers are soon to replace the human being when it comes to finding out the software vulnerabilities. That is we are going to witness a technological achievement in the vulnerability detection.

Cybersecurity Event Held in Las Vegas at DEF CON

The contest named as Cyber Grand Challenge took place on 4th August where 7 giant sized supercomputers participated and played the hacking game “capture the flag” which is all about detecting and patching the flaws. And the good news is that the computers did a great job and proved that it can detect a vulnerability in a month, week or even days while it takes almost a year by the human researchers to find flaws in software.

Supercomputers Are Expected To Be Automated Future Of Cybersecurity
Supercomputers Are Expected To Be Automated Future Of Cybersecurity

Each year human hackers have played this game and this year the human hackers was replaced with computers and the computers played the game on their own while they did not take any help from their human creators. Some of the modified version of bugs such as Sendmail crackaddr, Heartbleed, and the Morris Worm were put in those machines and fortunately, the machines were able to detect and repair the bug in minutes.

US defence agency DARPA sponsored the game and they too were very happy seeing the result. According to officials ar DARPA, these supercomputers are possibly the cybersecurity’s  automated future.

However, the official winner of the game will be announced on 5th August after which the winner supercomputer will again go on a test with the actual human hacker to play “capture the flag” game. So, it is to see who will actually win the game. But according to  David Brumley, designer of one supercomputer, their machines are up to the challenges and ready to accept all kind of challenges. Mayhem is the unit own by him which was declared as the preliminary winner in the contest.