People have already started pre-ordering the Super NES Classic Edition and the rate at which it is selling out the prices of the plug and play system already seems to be going up on certain websites. This is a situation which is similar to last year in 2016 when NES Classic was out of stock.

Players raised their concern over the situation in case they would have to go without a SNES. However, Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo of America President said that gamers shouldn’t worry about Super Nintendo Classic going out of stock. He revealed that the company has dramatically increased the production of the SNES in order to meet the high demands.

Super NES Classic Systems Will Not Go Short
Super NES Classic Systems Will Not Go Short

By dramatic increase Fils-Aimé could mean that he was referring to the shortage of NES Classic last year. The company had promised that they would increase their production this year. If that is so, why is it that the gamers are facing to pre-order and why are there instant sellouts?

To explain this Fils-Aimé said that the problems were beyond their control were concerning certain retailers and not supply problems. He also suggested that the gamers shouldn’t over-bid on any SNES Classic on auction websites. The price of the device shouldn’t be anything more than $79.99.

He also said that the demand for NES Classic was quite above the expectations of the company that was based on the performance of a plug and play from other companies that resembled it. But the price of SNES which is $79.99 has been set not to go above to what Nintendo offers like the 3DS handheld.

The company had earlier assured that considerably many SNES systems would be shipped to the stores for the launch and on the other days of the year too. Although the demand seems to be quite high, Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the production of a system after the year ends which means the production has been made enough to meet the demand.


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