Super Mario is one of the most loved and cherished games released when technology was just flourishing. It still brings nostalgia to many people who used to play this as kids. With the advent of smartphones and high-end games with much better graphics and high complexity, games like super Mario became a thing of the past. However, Super Mario publishers and developers, Nintendo, made an exciting announcement recently. Super Mario Run is going to be released on Android.

Super Mario Run, developed by the same Nintendo was available to iPhone users since December. The game was exclusively launched in December and since then it has been downloaded 78 million times.

Super Mario Run is going to be available for Android Users too
Super Mario Run is going to be available for Android Users too

After it became such a hit, non-iPhone users were eager to know if they could enjoy the game too or not. Nintendo revealed back in January that Android users will be able to download the game in March; the exact date was not shared.

Super Mario will Run in Android on March 23

Just yesterday, 18th March, Nintendo gave a statement that Super Mario Run will be available to all non-iPhone users on 23rd of March.

On the 23rd, Android users can download and play 2.0.0 version of Super Mario Run, whereas, at that same day, iPhone users will get an update to the game. The updated version allows users to enjoy and play it with new characters.

Super Mario Run can be Preregistered

Super Mario Run can be preregistered online on Google Play Store. The game was loved and cherished by countless iPhone users though some complained that it wasn’t that fun compared to the old times.

However, reliving the old moments is always a nice experience. The nostalgia behind the game was one of the main reasons for its immense success. Nintendo believes that they will see a similar positive response from Android users too.


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