Super Mario Run has been on the iOS platform for about a week now and it has received some good and bad reviews at the same time. Android users feel left out, and the game does not even have a launch date yet, but they now have something to look forward to the game as one placeholder popped up on the Google Play Store and has a detailed description together with the ability to pre-register.

When hopeful players click on the pre-register button, they will get confirmation of the date when the game will go live. At the moment, the game’s release date is just listed as coming soon at the time being. The same thing happened for iOS users as they waited for the game before it eventually came out on December 15th.

Watch Out Android Users!! Super Mario Is Coming Soon!!!
Watch Out Android Users!! Super Mario Is Coming Soon!!!

The Super Mario Run game has four modes on it, World Tour, Kingdom Builder, Toad Rally and Friendly Run.

Super Mario World Tour Mode

In the World Tour mode, players who will be using the Mario character has to go navigate through six worlds and they all have 24 brand new courses as he continues his quest to rescue Princess Peach.

Super Mario Toad Rally Mode

In the Toad Rally mode, players can showcase their moves in the game by playing in a few of the challenge maps and there will be a few toads to impress as they try to get the high score. The game mode needs rally tickets which users acquire from the regular mode and only from there can they play the game.

Super Mario Friendly Mode

In the Friendly mode, the gamers will be pit against their friends and they can race against them, but they do not have anything against them. This gaming mode does not increase anything to your Toad number or decrease it but is probably put forward as a game for friends to play against each other. This mode is only available to play five times a day.

Super Mario Kingdom Mode

The final mode, the Kingdom mode allows the players to build their own kingdom. The gamers will be using items which they will acquire from the Token Rally Mode.

So far, the game has been updated twice and it also requires a constant internet connection to play.

Seems like it’s good news for Android users right now. They will certainly look forward to playing the game.


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