From the nation’s largest cable provider, Comcast plans to take one step extra for its customers. Yes, it is adding YouTube to its video service. With an aim to take video entertainment one mile further, Comcast has 22.5 million subscribers and plans to expand further.

Well, with the help of X1 interface, Comcast is going to bring YouTube to its users. All users will be able to search for their favorite shows and music videos easily from their TV. Since Comcast offers voice-controlled remote, the subscribers are just going to speak into the remote and result is going to be displayed.

Stream YouTube Videos with Comcast
Stream YouTube Videos with Comcast

In an official statement, the company mentioned that YouTube’s pay service, YouTube Red, will also be available on X1 to subscribers of both services.

No doubt this feature is going to bring a lot of ease in the customer experience since there will be no toggling between their cable service and web-connected players. With such services to be provided, Comcast aims to persuade all TV viewers to enjoy this feature.

As far as YouTube is concerned, there is an expansion of audience YouTube is looking at too. YouTube will be tapping the $63 billion TV advertising market through Comcast’s platform. What a deal both of them have made this 2017.

Currently, Comcast started working with Netflix Inc to enjoy the popular streaming website audience and totally nailed the deal. Let’s see if Comcast X1 is going to take over the market like no other.

YouTube is also working on a cable-like live TV service that will compete directly with Comcast’s cable TV service. If it wants to keep people from cutting the cord or switching to another set-top box, Comcast will need to speed up its adoption of high-quality third-party apps.

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