After the team behind Popcorn Time had to shut down their service following various legal concerns, numerous wondered if the Netflix of torrents would ever return. And, it soon did, with various different teams now taking the helm, with numerous customers and even a version that worked completely inside the browser. It seems, served as the foundation for a new service called Torrents Time, which allows you to stream content off any torrent site.

With Torrents Time, users no more need to install a different torrenting client or even download the actual content; everything is streamed inside of the browser, à la Netflix. The plugin will then begin searching for peers and start playback when a substantial enough chunk of the file has been downloaded. There’s even a helpful tip about using a VPN to save you some legal trouble.

In this way, just a handful of sites have added support, the most prominent of which is The Pirate Bay. The plugin is, however, effectively compatible with other sites, with the creators of the service promising support for Kickass Torrent (as of this year, the most popular torrent site) inside of the week. On The Pirate Bay, you can now already see a ‘Stream It’ choice nearby the download button.

The plugin likewise works with the vast majority of the popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer), with Safari support coming soon. Edge is not supported but rather might soon be, once Microsoft rolls out extension support for its new browser.


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