One of the more interesting changes in Windows holds the possibility to spare you a huge amount of wasted download bandwidth: Its new shared (P2P) delivery update mechanism. Using the P2P option, you could download a Windows update once, then use that machine to spread the update to all the PCs on your local network. Yippee effectiveness!

Sadly, the settings for the new P2P option default to offering to other PCs over the Internet, not only ones on your system, and Reddit users have been fretting over a potentially nasty side effect: Windows 10’s P2P sharing eating into your upload bandwidth and slowing down your network connection.

Stop Windows 10 From Using Your Bandwidth
Stop Windows 10 From Using Your Bandwidth

We haven’t done enough testing to determine how Windows 10 handles its P2P uploads—and using a P2P cloud circumvents the issue of central Microsoft servers getting to be overloaded—but the feature’s easy to change or outright disable if you’d like. Here’s how.

Continue reading how: How to stop Windows 10 from using your PC’s bandwidth to update strangers’ systems | PCWorld


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