If you are a photographer, you must know that one of the worst things that can happen for photographers is that they have by mistake deleted one of their important photos, and they do not know if there is any way to recover it. There is some software that can help you recover your erased photos and Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one such software. According to the makers, this software has been designed to help you recover the deleted images from memory cards or hard drives.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery- The Most Efficacious Recovery Tool
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery- The Most Efficacious Recovery Tool

It can recover a variety of media files, comprising images, audio and video files. However,  it does not offer any option to recover other files.

What does Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery recover?

  • Photos – It can get back your deleted and corrupt photos.
  • Audio – It can recover your lost or deleted audio files and you can enjoy your deleted songs again.
  • Video – It can easily recover your deleted HD video files without compromising the quality.


  • Can recover lost, deleted, and corrupted photos, video, and audio files
  • Better-quality user interface
  • Recovering erased files saved with original name
  • Compatibility with over 100 file types
  • You can add new file types to the software based on your requirement
  • Can be supported by both Windows and Mac


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

User-friendly Interface

The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery’s user interface is one of the most easy-to-use features. This user interface is exceptionally easy to understand. You can easily use this software with a few buttons. While designing this software, Stellar has kept in mind the main requirements of its users and have put them together into a set of few buttons. You can also use advanced option by clicking on ‘Advanced‘ button.

Speed and Performance

Usually, it takes some time for Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to connect with the drive. However, this is not a big issue as the software can run itself in the background while you do some other work on your pc. It depends on the size of the file how much time it will take for the software to recover the files.

You can either choose the type of file or use ‘Advanced option‘. Moreover, it performs efficiently while recovering pictures from the most of the popular camera brands like Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon, and many more. This software can also recover RAW images from SLR cameras.

Free Trial Version

One of the best parts is that Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery allows you to have a free trial of the software before buying to see if it will work with your camera or device. You would be given a choice to download a trial version that will scan and show all recoverable files. Then you can look through the results and screen the photos and other files.

Download trial version here.

Customer Support Team

The developer of this software offers customer support service and you can contact them anytime, by phone, email, or live chat. With the software, you also get the instructions on how to use this software on Windows and Mac.


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one of the easy-to-use and most efficacious recovery tools for recovering lost or deleted media files. While it has lots of advantages and can recover a variety of files, it cannot recover all types of data like documents. This software performs well with simple recovery processes, but there is no surety about its performance when it comes to when the card or drive has gone through multiple read-write sequences.

Some users have also complained about the quality of video files after being recovered. So basically, while this photo recovery software is very effective and performs well in most of the cases, you should be fully confirmed about whether it will serve your purpose or not.

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  1. For a novice user like me, the software is a boon as it gave me no trouble in recovering my wedding photos and cherished videos.


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