THQ Nordic has released a tweet that Quantum Break’s steam version has been slightly delayed.

The version was set to come out on 14th September, but it has been set to a new date of 29th September.

Steam Version of Quantum Break has Been Delayed
Steam Version of Quantum Break has Been Delayed

Apparently, the delay is due to the hitch in the famous retail collector’s edition that was announced exactly a month ago, but the Nordic had decided to wait until everything is ready. In a Facebook post, Nordic said,

Due to additional time required for mastering and manufacturing the Quantum Break – Timeless Collector’s Edition for retail, the decision has been made to move the release to September 29th. This concerns both, the Steam version, as well as the retail edition.

Rightly afterward, a tweet said:

New Release Date for #QuantumBreak – September 29th, 2016.

However, the Facebook and Twitter links that were shared on the pages are not currently working, unforeseen reasons, but Reinhard Pollice of THQ Nordic confirmed that the tweet is legit, and so the news of the delay.

Quantum Break Enjoyed Loads of Success

Quantum break enjoyed loads of success the moment it came out on Xbox platform in 2015, and since then players have asked for The Steam version of Quantum Break.  Not only this, Quantum Break’s major developer is also working on the two new games, and sadly none of them is the Alan Wake.

PC Gamer reviews Quantum Break as follows:

Quantum Break has some genuinely brilliant set-pieces and a better story than most action games. But overall it’s an unremarkable shooter that tries to distract you from its lack of ideas with dazzling production values and polish. It’s a lavish, passionately made thing, but more concerned with the plot than the game holding it all together. And while the TV show concept seems new and exciting, it’s really just a series of long, high-definition FMV cutscenes presented as something more. Despite all this, Remedy fundamentally knows how to make an exciting action game, and Quantum Break has its moments. But they’re overshadowed by dumb platforming, uninspiring enemy design, and a lacklustre PC port.

Is the sadness prevailing in you due to delay? Have your say in our comments section!


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