With Starbucks cafes situated almost everywhere, Microsoft and Starbucks have taken advantage of it to help co-workers and other business people maintaining personal connection and strong relationship through the introduction of Outlook add-in. This newly introduced add-in let users set up a meeting in the nearby Starbucks café while it also includes an option for sending personalized gift card through the mail which in turn eliminated the need of buying any personalized gift roaming in the market.

Starbucks Outlook Add-In
Outlook Add-In

But to take advantage of it, users are required to install the add-in and then connect with the Starbucks account that is you should also have a Starbucks account to obtain this fantastic facility. Later it provides an option of pulling up a sidebar that makes it simpler to add an eGift card to send to other people.

Just Click at The “Meet at Starbucks

Also with this new add-in introduced, business people can easily set up a meeting in the nearby the café location which ensures strong relationship and personal connection, and this is done through a simple click from the Outlook inbox. Just click at the “Meet at Starbucks” while creating a new meeting request and search for the nearby Starbucks location after which that is to be added in the place of upcoming meeting. That’s it, and you can successfully arrange a meeting in the Starbucks while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Starbucks has something more in the stock, and this is mainly to entice people into using more and more of their new add-in. If users send some e-gift card using Outlook for a limited time, they will be eligible for a free $5 gift card.

Right now this add-in is available only for Outlook 2013 and 2016 in Windows and Outlook online on the web while Microsoft is now working to support this add-in in Outlook on Mac and mobile.


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