If you have a non-Galaxy device but intending to explore that Samsung’s own browser Samsung Internet Browser then today is the perfect day for you as the South Korean giant Samsung has finally made the stable version of their Samsung Internet Browser available in the play store.

Even though this browser is compatible with Android but initially Samsung kept this browser limited to their Galaxy devices only and the beta version was available for others. But starting today, the Pixel and Nexus device owners can get the stable version of this browser in their device to use it to the fullest.

Stable Samsung Internet Browser Reaches To Pixel And Nexus Devices
Stable Samsung Internet Browser Reaches To Pixel And Nexus Devices

However, that Nexus and Pixel Smartphone should run on Android 5.0 or later version in order to be eligible for this. So, if you have a Pixel or Nexus device and wishing to use the Samsung Internet browser as your default one then head towards the Google Play Store and this app is available there at free.

Samsung Internet Browser is based on the Google’s open source browser project Chromium which is very similar to that of the Google Chrome Browser. But performance and look wise the Samsung Browser is really different and it has to offer something unique that are not available in the Google Chrome or else in the beta version of Samsung Internet Browser.

The features of Samsung’s browser that made it really unique are listed below.

  • It includes a floating Quick Menu button through which opening a new tab, changing the font size and sharing the web page is just a matter of second.
  • Support for DuckDuckGo that let the users perform the private focused search.
  • Amazon shopping assistant and video assistant are also integrated into this app that let the users find the best deal on Amazon.

So, do not delay and get this app soon on your Nexus or Pixel device to enjoy its unique features.


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