Besides being a notification device, fitness tracker, a smart home controller Apple Watch is soon to become a platform for games. Square Enix recently launched a website featuring a teaser for the Apple Watch game.

The teaser only displayed the name of the game – Cosmos Rings and a small screenshot showing how the game could look.

Square Enix Recently Launched a Website Featuring a Teaser For The Apple Watch

Some details of the game could be seen on zooming into the screenshot. The game might be based on real-time as there is a counter for “Day”, which could change depending on the day to day events, there are a timer and a power status with an icon of lightning bolt just beside it, but the icon is too small to be clearly explained though it somewhat resembles the Japanese currency for yen “¥” symbol.

Square Enix Is Developing Game Just For Apple Watch
Square Enix Is Developing Game Just For Apple Watch

There are three dots below the screen which means there would be multiple screens which would have to be swiped in the game.

It is too early to judge whether playing a game on a watch is a smart idea or not.

Designing games for a smartwatch is not an easy job. Besides restrictions on power, the screen is very small making it difficult for controls and graphics. The watchOS 3 could, however, change the thoughts as the smartwatch will be enabled with Force Touch and Digital Crown which will enable the designers to enable input.

We cannot expect something like Final Fantasy for an Apple Watch, Cosmos Rings is definitely going to be a lightweight RPG game which could feature a battle game that will pit users against other players in an inert way. This could be somewhat like Nintendo StreetPass which allows the players to connect with each other as they are crossing without the need to open their device.

If the gamble of Square Enix works, it could flag the path for gaming on smartwatches.


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