Boston Dynamics has come up with SpotMini, the domestic pet helper which can help you in accomplishing most of the household jobs. This is the smaller version of Spot quadruped robot which can be proved as very useful in various tasks.

Boston Dynamics has come up with SpotMini

This robot looks interesting with its four-footed beast and in place of the neck and head, there is a robotic arm that is actually the gripper which can hold, fetch and carry objects. However, this electronic piece is not highly trained in walking around and looks like a toddler that is being crossed with an overgrown puppy and also crossed with robot maid which we many of us actually want.

Meet Here SpotMini-A Domestic Pet Helper By Boston Dynamics
Meet Here SpotMini-A Domestic Pet Helper By Boston Dynamics

This SpotMini weighs around 55lbs and 65lbs if the arm is included. This robot is all electric but no hydraulic. The robot is able to run about 90 minutes in single charge depending on what it does. It also includes several sensors such as depth cameras, solid state gyro (IMU) and the proprioception sensors which all together help in perfect navigation and mobile manipulation.

Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google in 2013

The company Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google in 2013. It was also rumored in the beginning of this year that the parent company of Google, Alphabet was desperately looking for a buyer and as the reason, it was stated robots like Atlas was not helpful in generating high revenue. So, might be this smaller sized robot is an attempt to capture mass market share.

According to Boston Dynamics , this is one of the sweetest robot ever built by the company, however, another telling point is, while this robot is designed to perform some tasks autonomously, it might require and uses human for the high-level guidance.


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