Space Station Tacoma is a game from the makers of Gone Home.

The 2013 released Gone Home was a completely different game that had no combat, no violence and a 3D first person game that had a girl who was returning back to her family. The player along with the character explores the story.

Space Station Tacoma Review
Space Station Tacoma Review

Tacoma has phantoms and there are fragments of conversations that can be found on the ship. The earlier inhabitants of the space station seem to have continuously recorded their daily lives in detail which is stored by the onboard Artificial Intelligence, ODIN. Apparently, the data belongs to Venturis a mega corporation which uses the station as a shipping outpost and the data of all the Venturis employees actually have to be deleted as they leave the space station Tacoma – this doesn’t seem to be quite true!

Tacoma is a Space Station

Tacoma is a space station in the year 2088 and the player is the engineer who has been assigned to find out what happened to the lost crew. There are emails, objects left behind by the crew, instant messages, and camera recordings which can be rewound and forwarded as required. There seems to a collision that took place and the crew desperately tried to survive.  You need to put the story together to actually understand what happened.

The gameplay is brilliant. It is quite interesting to watch the ghosts of the previous crew move around while you are at work. The game has a communicative gaze but is a detached one.

It constructs ingeniously on the concepts of its category, and it exploits techniques in every minute of its visual and audible design. It is clever and sporadically influential. But it is seldom reverberating. There is something cold about the Space Ship Tacoma which may be enticing for a few but undesirable to others.


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