If you have planned to buy a set of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR, get ready to decorate the living room once again so as to clear as many spaces as possible. According to a Sony brochure posted online, the PlayStation VR will need 60 sq ft spare space to sit perfectly. The play area is 6 feet by 10 feet while it still requires the users to sit while playing.

Also, the PlayStation camera space is not included in that which is required by the headset for proper use, so for the camera, you need to clear out further 9.8 feet by 6.2 feet open space.

Sony's Playstation VR is coming to capture a good amount of space
Sony’s PlayStation VR is coming to capture a good amount of space

Nothing About The Height of The PlayStation VR is Mentioned

While playing the VR games the users can move as close as 2 feets away from the camera of PlayStation, but the play area becomes much narrow as you close towards the camera. When the rear of the camera is about 6 feet, you will get a little more than 2 feet of diagonal space at the minimum distance from the camera. However, nothing about the height of the PlayStation VR is mentioned by Sony in the released brochure while they just mentioned that the height will depend on the range captured by the camera.

The game will be bundled with several sizable games like star wars: battlefront, Resident Evil VII, Final Fantasy 15, Batman: Arkham VR etc. It includes other interesting features like cinematic mode. The device will be priced at $399 and is all set to release on October 13, so we all have to wait till then to have an actual glance on the device.

By the meantime, keep re-arranging the living room to adjust the needed open space as it is really tough for many who all are living in a small house or apartment.


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