Game lovers get ready to have two new PlayStation 4 consoles altogether. Yes, Sony has declared of unveiling two PlayStation 4 console at the upcoming PlayStation event which is all set to be held in New York on September 7th at 3 PM ET.

The presentation will be shown in New York’s PlayStation theatre. One is the standard version of PS4 that we all expected beforehand and the other one is the new upgraded PS4. According to a report the reason Sony is coming out with two PS4 altogether so as to maintain the demand for this console.

Sony To Reveal Two New PlayStation 4 Model In September
Sony To Reveal Two New PlayStation 4 Model In September

However, nothing more is revealed yet about what actually will be shown by the company. We heard in June to announce by Sony that they are developing a very powerful PlayStation 4 version code named as Neo that will support 4K resolution while it will also integrate improved graphics to provide an excellent gaming experience to the users. Even this news was confirmed by Andrew House, the Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO as well. He mentioned that Sony is planning to sell this PS4 version with a higher price than that of the standard version of PS4.

Sony did not disclose more about Neo earlier and they did not say any word about this new console in the E3 this year also. So, this is no doubt creating a very excitement among the players about the improved features and functionality of the upcoming PS4 Neo version.

Well, the good news is you do not have to wait anymore to have a real glance at the console. Just wait for few more days and everything will be revealed b the company itself. Every PS4 games can be played on Neo and in the existing PS4 while Sony has stated that developers need to put some effort to all the games get working on both the PlayStation 4.


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