Even though Sony did not have any new console to showcase on E3 this year, but the other hardware piece that stole the show was PlayStation VR that promises to deliver the best and rich VR gaming experience at PlayStation. The company has announced the official release date of this VR as October 13 in North America however the game lovers must be eager to feel the real experience of it before they can go ahead with the pre-ordering process.

PlayStation VR

Sony Starting The PlayStation VR Demos Across The US This Weekend

Good news for game lovers who are planning to acquire a PS VR as soon as it hits the market as Sony have announced in a blog post that they will be starting the PS VR demos across the US this weekend with playable opportunity. June 17th and 18th are the announced date that will allow game lovers to have a quick and detail glimpse on PlayStation VR and they can then take the right decision on pre-ordering. As of now the demos will be shown off in 30 best buy and GameStop location but this location numbers will be expanded to almost 300 across US and Canada starting June 24.

PlayStation VR Worlds, Headmaster, Battlezone, ,EVE: Valkyrie and SUPERHYPERCUBE etc. are the game that will be playable in the participating retail stores and more games will be added later on to provide the gamers with a perfect PlayStation VR experience.

Those want to enjoy this PS VR demos can visit the PlayStation VR official trial site and then enter your zip code to get the nearby retail store information showing off this demo. Also if you are nearby the locations of Sony’s “Road to greatness” roadshow, can enjoy this demo perfectly.

PlayStation VR will be available at $399 and $499(for bundled) on October 13th.


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