The time is not far when you could enjoy all the PlayStation 3 games at your Windows PC as Sony has stated that they will soon bring all the PS 3 games to Windows laptop and tablet. The benefit is, as it will not require the need to be tethered with a big TV screen, so you can play the games anywhere you want even while travelling by train or Air.

The games can be enjoyed over the internet through Sony’s streaming service PlayStation Now and games like Uncharted 3, Shadow of the colossus etc. will be available on Windows laptop.

Sony To Make Available Playstation Games To Windows PC
Sony To Make Available Playstation Games To Windows PC

PlayStation Now is not new rather it is around for a couple of years on PS vista handheld, PS 3, PS 4 etc. The users are required to pay a monthly fee of $20 or else $45 in three months to enjoy unlimited PlayStation games. This streaming service let you enjoy around 400 PS 3 games. But according to Sony, solid 5mbps connection is must all the time to enjoy the games as per their terms and the quality will eventually vary depending on the connection quality.

With all these, the other requirement by Sony to play the games in Windows laptop are, the windows PC should have a 3.5GHz processor for the best result while this is quite strange as no streaming game service need this much local processing power. Another needed thing is the DualShock 4 controller instead of DualShock 3 that is being used for most of the other platforms on PlayStation Now.

The way things are changing it seems soon the need of physical PlayStation will be alleviated and users will be able to enjoy the games by some other modes. According to Sony, UK will soon receive PlayStation Now on their Windows PC while it will expand to US and Canada later on. But nothing about Australia is discussed by them.


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