With the launch of the Sony’s PlayStation 4, it has been a wave of relief for the game freaks who had been dearly waiting for the console of the season to be launched soon enough.

PlayStation 4 is a new console generation and aims to take your gaming experience to the next level. With the great launch event and its successful journey throughout, let us embark on the things you must know about the Sony’s PlayStation 4. Have a read:

More Powerful: PlayStation 4

The Sony’s PlayStation is a complete package of the entertainment center at your house. It has a stronger processing power than its previous versions as it comes in a complete redesigned shell.

All You Need to Know About Sony’s PlayStation 4
All You Need to Know About Sony’s PlayStation 4

The Sony’s PlayStation 4 offers greater and better upgrade than the Xbox One S and is a must-have for all the die-hard PlayStation game freaks. There is an addition of the upgraded version of the GPU. This functionality allows for greater game environments, smoother frame rates, attention to detail to the game character models and enhanced graphics.

Enables 4K Gaming

Sony’s PlayStation gaming console is all set to run the gamers mad as it enables 4K resolution to run its advanced games.

With super-resolution and enhanced graphical games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Spider-Man; the PlayStation 4 takes the gaming experience to another level.

The upgradation to the 4K high-quality resolution will bring extra attention to detail in the gaming experience. Along with the 4K resolution, the PS4 will also feature HDR lighting to enhance the feel of the game.

Same Game Library

One of the significant features offered by the Sony’s PlayStation 4 is that you can tap into the same library of games for both the standard and Neo versions of the PlayStation 4 games. Therefore, the games already known by the gamers will work on the PS4 and the new games will work as well to amplify the gaming thrill.

The same goes true with the game downloads and the discs. Therefore, the game freaks will get the same gaming experience with their favorite games tuned in along with the new ones to enrich their gaming life.

Enables 4K Streaming

PS 4 is designed to support the 4K streaming media like the Xbox One S. The YouTube and the Netflix apps with Ultra HD content and high-quality display can enhance the overall experience of the users of the Sony’s PlayStation 4 game console.

Enables Virtual Reality

With the release of the Sony’s PlayStation 4 VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, the gamers can get the real feel of the games.

Playstation VR
Playstation VR

The Sony’s PlayStation 4 VR promises smoother frame rates and attention to detail with the use of the GPU to amplify the overall virtual reality gaming experience.

Offers1080p Benefits

The Sony’s PS 4 offers improved GPU effects and enhanced resolution which offer amplified visual effects and sharpened textures with great attention to realistic scenes, along with HDR support.


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