If you have long waited for the successor of Sony’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Neo, the wait to going to over it seems as Sony has called for a press Event on September 7th in New York. The event is called as PlayStation meeting and the company has planned to share all their PlayStation regarding business on that event.

Most probably Apple too has the plan to conduct their iPhone 7 launch event on the same day. So no doubt 7th September is going to be a busy day for all.

Sony's Playstation 4 Release Date Is Likely September 7th
Sony’s Playstation 4 Release Date Is Likely September 7th

Rumour about PlayStation 4 Neo started spreading in March on Kotaku but Sony acknowledged the existence of it and stated they will not unveil the console at E3 in June. So, this is likely that Sony is all set to announce their latest console just before the holiday season starts.

The actual PlayStation 4 was introduced 3 years back and the most powerful version of it, the PlayStation 4 Neo is on the way. This console will be more appropriate for demanding games and especially the virtual reality games. The PlayStation 4 no doubt supports the VR games but if you are looking to enjoy a smoother experience which has good frame rates and perfect resolution, the latest version is the one to go for that.

Apart from virtual reality, this latest console from Sony will go hand in hand with the 4K TV. It will support all kind of 4K shows, games, and movies. So, those have long planned to own one console, can have a look at PlayStation 4 as it comes to the market. Another powerful console Xbox One Scorpio from Microsoft too will make their way to compete in the console market but it will be unveiled in the next year.


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