Sony has finally come out to say that PS 4.5 or NEO or PS4k do exist, and it has been confirmed by PlayStation Chief Andrew House who stated that more powerful console exists for sure even though it will not be showcased in this year E3. Rumors were doing around for few months, but now it is finally confirmed.

House also mentioned that the upgraded PlayStation will be more expensive than PS4 while it will support VR headset like PS4. But another specification was not mentioned. He further stated that it will be a complement of PS4 but no way the replacement of current PlayStation 4.

Sony Confirms About PS 4.5 Existence
Sony Confirms About PS 4.5 Existence

PS 4.5 Will not Appear in the E3

This news that PS 4.5 will not be appeared in E3 this year has a great impact in E3 while it away some pressure from Microsoft as well that will not showcase its upgraded console Xbox Scorpio in the E3. It is rumored that Xbox Scorpio will be debuted in late 2017 and might be Sony would wait until that window to bring some major improvement in their PlayStation 4.5 to attract a great customer base.

So, when it is confirmed that both Xbox Scorpio and PS 4.5 will not appear in the E3, it might be the best time for Nintendo to release NX but unfortunately it was the first company to indicate that they will not show up NX in E3.

Microsoft is now busy on selling Xbox one and Xbox Slim while Sony is marketing their PlayStation 4. But the question is when game lovers are already aware of some more powerful console which will debut a few months later; it is pretty common for the users that they will wait for the powerful ones rather than spend money on the current consoles. Even though the companies have acknowledged the existence of PS4.5 and Xbox Scorpio, but we need to wait a while to see the official debut of the consoles.

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