Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles have made news as it sold more than 25 million units right from its launch. In fact, in the past three months between October to December, Sony shipped 9.7 million consoles, revealed its financial report. This shows an amazing increase in comparison to the earlier year in 2015 for the same period showing 8.4 million units being shipped. These are the figures representing the delivers consoles to retailers and not the sales to customers.

At Sony, the Game and Network Services division noticed year-on-year increase in sales as 19.4 percent with operating revenue at ¥360.7 billion ($3 billion). Taking the Sales and operating revenue at ¥1,892.7 billion, the operating income is at ¥88 billion.

Sony Records shows 9.7 million PlayStation 4 Console Units shipped Worldwide
Sony Records shows 9.7 million PlayStation 4 Console Units shipped Worldwide

The PS3 is showing a decline, but the PS3 software sales have increased. However, there is an increase in Hardware sales by 4.8 percent, while Sony Entertainment Network and PlayStation Store sales were also showing up by 56.8 percent.

Sony confirmed in January that in the holiday period it sold 6.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles, thereby bringing the sales to 53.4 million from its launch in 2013. The shipment numbers are at 57.1 million units.

Sony said earlier that it expects to ship 20 million PS4 systems in the current fiscal year, thus bringing the console’s lifetime shipment to reach by March 2017 to 60 million. This means it should ship in the first quarter of 2017, 2.9 million units.

PlayStation 3 by November 2013 sold worldwide over 80 million units, from the time of its launch 7 years ago. Now the PlayStation 4 is in its fourth year.

Analysts predict PS4 to sell over 100 million units before the lifecycle gets complete. Sony from its PS4 launch has iterated the console many times.

Overall, the division of Games & Network Services where PlayStation operates saw an increase in sales owing to its software’s strong performance. This includes the games that were physically released and the games sold through the PlayStation Network.


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