Recently we heard Sonos joining Apple and Microsoft on developing rundown of firms to bring costs up in the UK taking after the EU submission. What else do we have in News for Sonos increased prices in the UK?

Home sound framework maker Sonos has turned into the most recent innovation organization to report noteworthy value ascends for British clients in the wake of the EU choice vote. A portion of the organization’s items are expanding in cost by up to 25%, subsequently of the crumple in GBP instigated by the Brexit vote of June 2016. The value rises were declared on Monday, however, won’t be set up until Thursday 23 February.

Sonos Prices increase by 25% in UK
Sonos Prices increase by 25% in the UK

We pay for all that we make in US dollars

the California-domiciled Sonos said in an announcement.

Over late months, there has been a critical change on the US dollar to GBP swapping scale. Accordingly, our current valuing has turned out to be unsustainable and, in the same way as other different organizations, we need to expand costs for all items estimated in GBP.

The organization’s key items, the Play:1, 3 and 5 speakers, are seeing costs ascend by around 15% from £169/£259/£429 individually to £199/£299/£499; its more pro Connect line, which permits audience members to utilize Sonos innovation to communicate computerized music through their prior speaker set-up, is seeing the full 25% ascent, from £279 for the Connect and £399 for the Connect:Amp to £349 and £499 separately.

Sonos Prices
Sonos Prices

Sonos joins a developing rundown of innovation organizations reporting huge cost expands taking after the vote to leave the EU. Apple was one of the first to move, with costs ascending by around a fifth in October 2016.

Soon thereafter, Microsoft expanded its cloud-facilitated benefit valuing, by up to 22%. In January, Apple moved once more, expanding application costs by 25%. Organizations which charge clients in dollars, for example, Amazon Web Services, have additionally passed sterling’s breakdown on to buyers.


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