Want to become a Java developer? Do not know what to start with? In programming, like in any other professional field, it is extremely important to read technical literature and documentation regularly. There is a list of books that every Java programmer should read. To understand all the nuances and specifics of this object-oriented programming language, developers and teachers of the Java programming course recommend reading several books at the same time.

Apart from this, you have to be in trend about the latest innovations and technologies that have not yet been included into books, and java interview questions on explainjava.com or online conferences are a great resource because they provide answers for the most current questions. But books are the first step. Consider the following:

  • Bruce Eckel – Java Philosophy
  • Herbert Schildt –Java 8: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Ken Arnold and James Gosling – Java Programming Language
  • Ken Arnold and James Gosling – Java Programming Language
  • Jacob Fine – Programming in Java for Children, Parents, Grandparents
  • Joshua Bloch – Effective Programming
Get a Solid Knowledge on Java with Professional Literature
Get a Solid Knowledge of Java with Professional Literature

Bruce Eckel – Java Philosophy

It is an excellent guide to programming in Java. By the way, this book is considered one of the best on the market. Many professional developers recommend beginners to start their Java career from this book. It is equally useful for beginners and those who already have experience with Java code. Read it to know the basics of programming in Java, as well as coping with more complex tasks.

Herbert Schildt –Java 8: A Beginner’s Guide

The book of the world-famous author will allow students to start creating projects in Java. At the very beginning of the book, the author discusses the basics of programming and the rules of creating, compiling, and executing Java code. The author explains in detail all the components of the Java core. What is more, the book also discusses complex topics, such as multithreaded programming, Swing library, and generalized types.

Java with Professional Literature

Ken Arnold and James Gosling – Java Programming Language

Can the book about Java authored by Java developers be useful? It does bring the great value to the reader, whether he is a beginner or already has some programming experience. Java Programming Language can be a textbook and a reference for Java depending on how you read it. The work contains exercises for practicing allowing the reader to quickly understand the specifics of programming. The text of the book is written in a clear language, so you can easily start learning Java programming from it.

Jacob Fine – Programming in Java for Children, Parents, Grandparents

This book is written in the simplest language and can be easily understood by people without any technical knowledge. The great think about the book is that it is written in a story-telling manner. It starts with a story when the young child asked his father to teach him programming so that he could create computer games himself. Owing to its storytelling feature, the book is intended for children over 11 years old, their parents, and absolute beginners in programming.

Joshua Bloch – Effective Programming

Effective Programming is an incredibly useful book that is written by a programmer and has been recognized by professionals. In his writing, Joshua teaches each reader to write Java code better and share it with others. His book is an accessible practical instruction for creating programs that are impossible or difficult to write in other programming languages.


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