We’re all aware of the reality! We live in an age where life is too fast and it’s hard to keep track of everything or anything. Instead of exploring what’s more? We’re busy keeping track of our past activities and making sure it isn’t being tracked/monitored. But that’s okay as too much of information attracts similar kind of attraction. As they say there two sides of a coin…. Is true to its core! The technology around us is booming at its peak and we’re all surrounded by it. Similarly, we all are regular users of multiple social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. and keeping track of multiple accounts seems a bit hectic doesn’t it? Well… it’s time to move on!

If you’re facing similar kind of situation where you’re too busy to log in and access each account individually then my friend, I can help you! Long lost I was troubled by this fact as well and was just getting along with it thinking there is nothing more to this.

Social Media Vault - Multiple Social Media Accounts Protected under a Single Interface
Social Media Vault – Multiple Social Media Accounts Protected under a Single Interface

But that’s not it as I got my hands on this app. It is called social media vault and clearly, the name explains it all. A joyous app that quite frequently understands me in a way like no other.

What’s more? Well, this app lets you access 50+ apps through a single interface. (Yeah 50+ you read it right). It’s hard to name them all and we’re pretty sure social media vault would be adequate to your needs!

All Social Media networks at one place

Social Media Vault
Social Media Vault

Another point to be noted is that you don’t need to install any app(s) as all the commonly used accounts are built-in installed in this app. So the only thing you need to do is install this app, enter your respective credentials and you’ll be provided all the social accounts in front of you.

Multiple Type Login – PIN, Pattern password, and a Fingerprint Lock

Multiple Type Login
Multiple Type Login

If that’s not it then hear me out when I say that this app is firmly protected with the help of a PIN, Pattern and a password. Furthermore, if these security options aren’t suitable then you may additionally go for its fingerprint locking option. However, this feature would only work if your device is compatible with the finger print locking feature.

In the same way, social media vault offers you stealth mode feature as well which makes the icon invisible. This feature is quite handy if your phone gets in the hand of a third person & with the help of this feature, not nobody would know you use such app.

To start the application again, all you need to do is dial via dialer *8800 and the application would be back on running again.

Private Browser
Private Browser

In addition, you can also use the private browser which lets you access the internet anonymously.

So here we are at the conclusion where things are quite transparent and translucent. Our discussion on social media vault comes to an end with the fact that it offers more than what is required. If you use multiple social media accounts and you’re feeling a bit tingly (worried) about it, then this app is the to-go app for you, give it a try.

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