SnapChat has rolled out their recent update that is featured with a new design so as to help users in easily accessing and viewing content shared by the publishers while it also aims to aid the publishers to increase their traffic. The new update received a redesign in the Live stories and Discover section of the SnapChat app. The stories page allow users viewing the recent snaps shared by their followers while the Live section let the users view created content which includes event topics, games new or award show. A swipe to the left, the Discover section brings a big list of publishers whose snaps are viewed. But these publishers were used to display earlier as colorful bubbles which most of the times was being ignored by the users.

SnapChat’s New Design Update Brings Huge Changes
SnapChat’s New Design Update Brings Huge Changes

New Design Makes the Live and Discover Section User-friendly

But now SnapChat has taken one step further by integrating the Discover page with Live stories to attract more eyes to the shared content. As per the SnapChat’s redesign update, the content will be now available right under the My Story that is featured with an image along with the publisher name and headline of the article which clearly indicates you what you can expect to see in the Discover section as you swipe left.

A tap on the image will present you the content while pressing down allow you to go for subscription and or else swipe left to enjoy the newly designed Discover section. After subscription, the publisher’s stories will be displayed in the recent stories.

While this new design makes the Live and Discover section in SnapChat more user-friendly the publishers are equally impressed to see their content in the spotlight which will allow them to gain more followers with more than 150million daily active users in this messaging app. Users of both iOS and Android can enjoy this SnapChat’s redesign update.


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