SnapChat is reportedly acquiring a start-up Vurb, specialized in mobile search and as per a report, the company is paying $110 to acquire Vurb. However, none of the company either SnapChat or Vurb opened their mouth regarding this deal yet. Out of $110 million, 75% will be paid in stock and the remaining 25% in cash.

Also, SnapChat is again ready to pay more $75 million as a retention bonus of the founder and CEO of Vurb, Bobby Lo in the company.

Snapchat Is Buying Vurb, A Mobile Search App For $110+ Million
Snapchat Is Buying Vurb, A Mobile Search App For $110+ Million

So, what actually will be the benefit from this integration of both the companies? It seems SnapChat will be much more active where the chat based app can help you organize a party along with your friend while you can also gather some important news of the day through this Vurb app.

You Can Also Gather Important News Through Vurb

Vurb, the start-up company is actually a search app that helps you finding what movies are going on in a theater, any nearby restaurants, halls etc after which all those information can be bundled and shared with your friends so that you can take a collaborative decision.

This start-up has a card-based interface and it partners with companies like Yelp or Rotten Tomatoes to gather information post which it links that information with Google Map or Uber. Now, how Vurb will work with SnapChat is it will add to the SnapChat’s existing feature and any addresses will be automatically turned into map links. For example, as two friends will talk about any movie or any nearby restaurants, SnapChat will help them in learning more along with arranging to meet up.

With all these, the new app in SnapChat will also suggest the important daily news so that you can stay updated. So, no doubt Vurb will get enough opportunity to fertilize more in SnapChat than before.


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