One Georgia man has put blame on one of the selfie-taking apps as the reason why one teen bumped into him, a report says. The revelation comes as the man is apparently suing the teen for negligence. The teen, Cristal McGee, was using the popular selfie-taking app, Snapchat, at the time of the accident and because of that, the man is also suing Snapchat.

The lawsuit claims that the teenager was using the speed filter icon that is so much popular on the Snapchat mobile app during the time of the crash last September, which left the man brain damaged permanently.

Snapchat to blame for crash, injured man says
Snapchat to blame for crash, injured man says

The speed filter allows a user to add their current speed to a photo they take, and Snapchat gives the user a trophy for posting the speed with which they were going at.

Lawyers for the man, Wentworth Maynard, claim that the teen, 18, has already admitted to trying to vet his Mercedes car to 100 mph in order to post the speed on Snapchat. She managed to get to 107 mph which is almost double the speed limit when she rammed into Maynard’s car.

The lawsuit explains that Maynard spent near five weeks in the hospital because of the accident. He is now unable to walk unaided, lost 50 pounds, required a wheelchair and can’t take care of himself anymore. The lawyers also say McGee also took another selfie even after the crash with the caption ‘lucky to be alive’. The lawsuit does not specify the damages sought by Maynard for uncovered medical bills.

The issue really is about distracted teenage drivers

His lawyer tells NBC.

It’s about Snapchat encouraging teenagers to drive at a fast speed for social status.

One Snapchat spokesperson said it has never advocated for people to use the speed filter while driving, and they have always warned against using it with an in-app warning message.


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