Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps used these days. Snapchat is basically used to send pictures and videos to friends to tell them about your day. It allows you to add captions, try on various filters and share your day’s story. These messages or stories self-destruct after a person views them, which makes the whole concept interesting. This feature might appear to be pretty basic but considering the app’s format, it is quite impressive to be able to search through Snapchat Stories.

Users loved the app and Snapchat created quite hype over the years and now is facing competition from Facebook and Facebook-owned WhatsApp. These social media apps allow users to share their stories on their platform too in a very similar way. However, Snapchat is striking back by adding another impressive feature to their app.

Snapchat Stories are Now Searchable
Snapchat Stories are Now Searchable

Snapchat has made their stories searchable. This means that users will be able to search for some keyword in the search bar to find whatever they want in a story. For example, if a user is interested to see stories about puppies, they could simply write “puppies” in the search bar to see pictures and videos posted by other users about puppies.

This can make navigating through the stories much easier; users would not have to scroll down to look for the story they want to see, they can just skim through by using the new feature. However, for the stories to be searchable, they must be added to Snapchat’s Our Story group montage.

Searching through text does not require much effort as compared to searching through pictures and videos. The company explained that the feature relies on machine learning algorithm to categorize the stories.

It carefully analyzes the caption text, the time story was posted and the visual elements. The Stories search feature has been added to certain cities but it is not revealed when it would be made global.


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