You will witness a bunch of changes in the stories feed in SnapChat as the company started rolling out the changes today that will bring the friends stories and updates at the top while you are allowed to create a playlist of friend’s stories to be watched which in turn reduces the clutter in the feed.

The Auto advancing stories feature that earlier used to play every story in the feed in just a single tap is now eliminated.

Snapchat Eliminates Auto-Advancing Feature And Introduces Playlists
Snapchat Eliminates Auto-Advancing Feature And Introduces Playlists

While the elimination of this feature may surprise many as it was one of the best ways to monetize for Snapchat by including ads in between stories, the growing popularity of this messaging application is another reason to take this step. This auto-advancing was a really bit irritating sometimes as it takes enough time to show all the stories just like a feature film, as a result, most of the people used to pick and watch stories that they were interested in.

This new feature will allow users to add friend’s stories in the playlist and this is done by a single tap on the stories thumbnail at the left of the friend’s name. Once you are done with selecting the friend’s stories, just press the play button seen at the bottom of the screen. However, stories in the feed will still be monetized just as the auto-advancing stories with ads in between some stories.

In case you want to watch stories from some selected friend every day, the playlist is to be made every day manually.

While this feature is going to help many users, but it caused a demotion in the Discover page in SnapChat as now the Discover section that represents news from the big publishers will be located under friends in the stories feed.