Snapchat has acquired the Toronto-based company Bitstrips for $100 million in the last March and very recently they have announced of incorporating the Bitmoji app in their Snaphat that allows users to customize the emojis if required.

Bitmoji Let Users Create Funny Emojis

Bitmoji is an app developed by Bitstrips that let users create funny emojis which will resemblance their physical appearance. Users are now able to login to Bitmoji with Snapchat account details as you will see the log in with a Snapchat option in the Bitmoji keyboard app.

Snapchat Adds Bitmoji to Let You Personalize Emojis
Snapchat Adds Bitmoji to Let You Personalize Emojis

But users are still required to download the Bitmoji app separately while they will now be able to use the Snapchat details to log into the app. Once the required avatar is created using all the available personal characteristics, it is to be linked with the Snapchat account and then this emoji can be used in Snapchat while messaging or chatting. Snapchat has acquired this company definitely but allowed them to operate independently and this will continue in the future as well.

We have noticed things like sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google very often but sign in with Snapchat will be seen for the first time and the whole thing is pretty interesting. While Bitstrips have their office in Toronto Snapchat is based out in Venice, California.

There is numerous social platform as of today and Snapchat is called a very special one of them due to the reason it does not make use of digital ID in order to follow you around the web. This feature is highly appreciable even though it is not sure if the company will be able to continue the same practice in near future as well.

So, download Bitmoji app on your device and make your Snapchat chatting even more interesting with the newly designed emojis.


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