Those searching for some high-minded interactive chatter for long time that perfectly explains how human beings as a social animal is interacting with and is being affected by the social media living in a postmodern society, can draw an end to their search for an internet magazine called as “Real life” is all set to release soon that will mainly publish and highlight the above mentioned kind of chatters. Great thanks to SnapChat which is funding the whole thing.

This site headed by Nathan Jurgenson, the researcher of Snapchat and also a social media theorist will keep on posting an article each day on diverse topics which will not include any app reviews or any other web related news. Jurgenson mentioned about the mission, structure and conflict of interest the effort comprises in an introductory post where he also mentioned that there exist a digital space apart from the social world.

Real Life

Jurgenson also stated that as of now it is really hard to say that whether the articles in Real Life will be insightful and critical or else middlebrow pop philosophy. However, he wants to be benefitted from the doubt. People of the tech world and outside the tech world can be helpful by regularly checking these articles, according to him.

Real Life Will be Launched on 27th June

Real Life site will be launched on 27th June and it will be funded by SnapChat wholly just like it funds some of the researches of Nathan Jurgenson. Ha also hasten to add that editorial independence is definite. So, those interested to check out the scenes promoted by editors can head towards Cronenberg’s Videodrome in Manhattan on 27th June night.

Finally, it can be said that Real Life is coming to provide a great experience and stay tuned to capture it as soon as the site is launched.


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