SnapChat, one of the very popular social networks has acquired the 3D photo app maker ‘Seene’ which will make selfie even more interesting by adding a whole new dimension. Seene, the company is known to make computer vision technology such as 3D scene reconstruction, augmented reality, object tracking and 3D face capture, especially for mobile devices. The 3D face capture is a very interesting technology equipped in Seene app that is also a SnapChat friendly quality to let its users capture high quality and real-time 3D facial on both iOS and Android platform.

Seene’s technology allow the users creating 3D images of  anything they want while the 3D photographs move and respond to the touches in the Smartphone. This purchase by SnapChat was made few months back secretly; however, both the company SnapChat and Seene did not confirm the deal officially.

Snapchat Seene
Snapchat Seene

Seene is the Second Acquisition by SnapChat

So, this is a good time to Snapchat that saw huge growth in the daily active users which finally crossed Twitter as well. While it has around 150 million daily active users, the number is 140 million for Twitter. Also, the company expects to create revenue of more than $500 million in 2016 according to the company’s bullish sales target while it was just $59million in the last year when SnapChat first started to monetize. So, the growth is massive in terms of revenue and users base.

It was rumored earlier that SnatChat would be making a wearable device incorporating Seene’s technology. However, this is not confirmed yet. Seene is the second acquisition by SnapChat this year while this is the sixth number in total. The company has acquired Bitstrips in March that is specialized in preparing sets of outlandishly realistic-looking emojis.

So, SnapChat is going to secure a good place in the world of messaging and social network by employing all the acquired technologies.


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