Taking after yesterday’s flow of iPhone 7 case pictures, NWE at the beginning of today posted another series of shots from the same “reliable” source, this time including what resembles the bigger iPhone 7 Plus handset with double lens camera.

Does Smart Connector Comes to iPhone 7?
Does Smart Connector Come to iPhone 7?

The extra iPhone 7 pictures offer a couple of more angles of a potentially completely gathered 4.7-inch gadget, without uncovering anything especially new, so we’ve recreated them here just for completion.

Perusers will take note of that the power/standby button, volume controls, and mute switch can be made out on the sides of the case, while the metallic Apple logo seems to have been fitted, but the pictures still leave us none the wiser whether as to this gadget has an earphone jack or not.

The iPhone 7 Plus pictures, on the other hand, revive another striking idea: the three gaps on the base of the case’s posterior indicating a conceivable Smart Connector. Such a connector is designed to give power and a data connection to accessories like keyboards, at least on the iPad Pro, but it’s not so much clear what its purpose would be on a 5.5-inch handset.

The possibility of a Smart Connector being selective to the iPhone 7 Plus has been the subject of a number of gossipy tidbits, including both as a potential inclusion on the gadget and an idea already scrapped by Apple. Third-party cases have also powered conflicting bits of gossip on the presence of such a connector.

Another picture offers a perspective of the front of what looks like a completely gathered 5.5-inch handset, which seems to demonstrate a customary physical clickable home button, instead of the rumored flush touch-sensitive one, a feature likely held for the tenth-anniversary OLED iPhone expected in 2017.

Once more, the point of the shot makes it difficult to know without a doubt whether the headphone jack is gone or not. Somewhere else, readers will have also noticed the odd absence of a mute switch on the side of gadget, normally found alongside the volume buttons.

Both gadgets are required to be officially revealed by Apple in the fall. Notwithstanding the previously stated features, the cell phones are relied upon to have faster Apple A10 processors, 32GB of base storage, enhanced waterproofing, and faster LTE and Wi-Fi.



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