Microsoft owned video calling service Skype has been redesigned countless times over the past years. The final redesign has been made just last year. And, now again, the app is redesigned. Microsoft has stated that last year they added the ‘Highlights‘ feature. But this new design made things complex.

And the users also responded negatively against that. So, it made them take such a decision.

Skype Is Redesigned Once Again, The Highlight Feature Is Ditched
Skype Is Redesigned Once Again, The Highlight Feature Is Ditched

Here is a list of the added and removed features in Skype.

  • The ‘Highlights‘ feature in the mobile app is removed now. Highlights feature is more like the Story feature in another messaging app. It is all about highlighting your day with photos and videos. But, users stated that this feature made calling harder.
  • The new mobile version of the app will have three buttons at the bottom. Those are for calls, to open chats and contacts.
  • The desktop app is also redesigned. The mentioned three buttons in the desktop app will be moved to the top left side. It is done so as to offer a central place for navigation.

Skype has strong competitors like FaceTime, WeChat, Line, Telegram etc. So, in order to survive in the market, it is important to redesign the app. Also, Microsoft has stated that they should go by the user experience. The users’ feedback has encouraged them to make the app simple and clean. All the extra clutters are removed from the app and the interface is made very clean.

The company even thought of making the desktop app like the mobile version. But, the users feedback restrained them from doing so. Truly speaking, the original Skype app of the desktop version is still the most convenient one. And, it is also true that the original version is still the most favorable one among the users.

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