The autonomous driving vehicle is becoming the future of the world and this is proved again with Singapore-based nuTonomy debuted their self-driving taxi service today on the road of Singapore. So, Singapore became world’s first country to launch a self-driving taxi hailing service.

This company is founded by two researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology who have stated that they have started the trial on Thursday in a small business district of Singapore named as One-north that is full with mainly tech firms and biotechnology companies.

Singapore nuTonomy Introduces The World’s First Self Driving Taxis
Singapore nuTonomy Introduces The World’s First Self-Driving Taxis

According to those researchers, they are getting immense support from the Government of Singapore and also the govt. has created a long list of milestones to be achieved by them in the near future. However, anything about the milestone was not disclosed by them. This is not the first time rather Chinese company Baidu too started testing their self-driving vehicle but this is the first time while the vehicles are completely open for public use.

The test vehicle from nuTonomy, Renault Zoe, and Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car will have a back up human driver and a computer engineer in case anything goes wrong and some selected members of the public can get through into the cab using a Smartphone app. The reason why one-north is being chosen for testing the drive is this place in Singapore is quieter than other public areas.

Till date, Uber and Google was the only companies to dominate the autonomous driving vehicle industry and now nuTonomy is a new addition to the race.  But this is to mention that how people will actually use this service is a big question as according to many, they can’t completely depend on machines as machines are not capable of taking an instinctive or moral decision that is actually possible to a human in need.


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