The all new partnership of FX Network with Apple TV on Simpsons TV, which happens to be the refashioned home of the famous animated family. The partnership hasn’t changed anything in the episodes of the Springfield animated family, they remain the same and the 27 episodes will continue to be played in the “Simpsons World” but an owner of an Apple TV would be able to stream the episodes or clips with an FXNOW version. Furthermore “Simpsons TV” will provide curated content in the form of channels which will ultimately provide the type of relaxed experience you apparently get from an Apple Television or app.

The Simpsons Are Moving To Apple Tv and an App Near You
The Simpsons Are Moving To Apple Tv and an App Near You

Open the “programming guide” and pick the channel, for instance, Springfield Shuffle and watch over while the playlist runs. Channel 6 resembles the Simpsons TV equal to the C-SPAN, which features episodes which are more political in nature like “The Monkey Suit”. You could even discover in depth the characters of everyone in the Springfield Biography Channel.

Apple Tv Users Of This App Will Have Access To Episodes

Though the improvement comprises of a new appearance more than any elite new content, it ought to shore up the cord-cutting resolution of anybody who is otherwise opposed to subscribing to cable or satellite to access the “Simpsons World”. The Apple Tv users of this app will also have access to episodes of American Horror Story, Louie, Fargo, Archer and American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J.Simpson. Enjoy the episodes; hope you are not wedged with work!


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