ShotSpotter, Unbelievable tech, senses gunfire across the US. The new tech can detect the exact point where the fire happens and report it instantly to the police.

The tool, ShotSpotter, can be utilized by law to respond even quicker to the help of the victims of the gun fire.

ShotSpotter, Unbelievable tech, senses gunfire across the US
ShotSpotter, Unbelievable tech, senses gunfire across the US

The new tech informs police the exact point where the gun or guns were fired, what kind of the weapon was and the how many shots were fired. This is highly helpful for police to minimize the danger of carnage.

The ShotSpotter technology has been designed to provide a safeguard to civilians. It protects locations that tend to have terrorists to come in action, like touristy places and power plants just like New York’s Time Square.

What is ShotSpotter?

It is a mechanism of sensors to point out the exact location of gun violence.

It can provide all essential information about the crime in its record to help police and the victims to get aid.

It can also recognize the difference of sounds of various weapons to add to the precious information about the gun crime.

How does it work?

This tech has three parts: detect + locate + alert. The tech immediately alerts law officials of the crime when a gun is fired.

Acoustic sensors are fixed at around 30 ft or higher the street level just as utility poles and rooftops.

There are around 15 to 20 sensors in each square mile. The entire network of sensors senses and triangulate weapon action.

When a loud sound or bang noise happens just as gunfire, the sensors begin to activate.

Every sensor then records the exact time, audio and the location. A professional at the Incident Review Center is supposed to verify the sound of gunfire. The whole process needs 45 seconds to complete.

Police receive the information on their smartphones at once.

Location identification enables responders to know the location of the victims to provide aid faster.


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