Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis can step aside as Shane Buckham, Vikas Sathaye, Brad Hundell and John Coyle, Virtuoso’s in the world of tech and New Zealand natives have received an abundance of honors for their contributions to the world of cinema along with 30 other leaders in movie production technology. Their moment came in Beverly Hills on Saturday at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Technical Awards. The four mentioned above were awarded for their Shotover K1 Camera System.

This system has allowed directors and cinematographers in Hollywood to achieve breathtaking aerial views for some of their biggest motion pictures. You can see the camera at work in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Dunkirk and Kong: Skull Island. It’s also going to play a major role in the upcoming Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The Shotover K1 Camera System is Honored at the Scientific and Technical Awards
The Shotover K1 Camera System is Honored at the Scientific and Technical Awards

Many are wondering how this camera works. The camera’s website states,

SHOTOVER systems can be mounted on helicopters, ground vehicles, watercraft and almost anything that moves. The K1 and F1’s industry-leading 6-axis gyro stabilization provides unparalleled steadiness as well as a direct look-down capability. The U1 sets a new standard for drone cinematography and imaging as the first solution to accommodate cinema quality cameras and lenses.

John Coyle, Shotover’s founder, and main gimbal designer has stated to the AAP,

It’s the latest and greatest camera system for aerial photography for the movies.

These four weren’t the only ones to be recognized for genius and innovation at The Scientific and Technical Awards on Saturday. Tech greats from giants like Industrial Light and Magic and Pixar also took home Oscars.

These new innovations are usually out-shined by the actors, but at the end of the day tech genius like John Coyle are walking cinema into the next era.

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